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"Here's your mission," Director Fury said as he threw two files onto the still cracked table in front of Clint and started to pace while explaining the contents of said files. "Violet Rivershade and her younger sister Rain Rivershade. Both dangerous and both on the recruitment sign up. We keep tabs on all our people and they have been tracked to a location just west from us.Your mission is to bring both back here with the least amount if harm if possible." Clint just looked at Fury with a puzzled expression and asked, "What do these girls have to do with anything?" The only response he got though was "Read the files."
"How did this happen?!?" Violet half screamed half panted at her sister as they were bolting away from the men in black suits.
"I don't know!!!!" Rain huffed back, "I thought I lost them a block ago!!!!"
"Well apparently you didn't!!!!! " Violet replied as she pulled her sister hard to the right, leading them on a whole nother alley. "We have to lose them!!!!" Rain stated as she was being half dragged by her sister. "What do you think I'm doing?!" Violet said in thick sarcasm. They rounded another corner and ran down yet another alleyway, but this time it was a dead end. Violet halted immediately and Rain nearly trampled her sister in the process of stopping. "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" Rain huffed as she saw the end of their escape route. Violet looked up at the ladder hanging five feet above her and then glanced at her sister. Rain just nodded in response. 
Through all the things Clint had seen and heard, he still thought that these girls had been through too much for their age. Heck, he thought the same of Natasha, but the time for pity was not now. He needed to put aside the sympathy he might have and realize that these girls could be a huge threat if they wanted or a great asset to SHIELD. He hoped for the later but he didn't always get what he wanted....... The sound of footsteps drew him from his thoughts and he glanced up before the knock on the door came. Clint stood up and got to the door in a few strides, already knowing who would be on the other side.

Yaaaaaaay!!!!!! Another chapter of my story!!!!! Sorry it took so long to add another one to the one person that reads this!!!! Thanks for the support!!!! <3
Please don't steal my crappy story or my oc's in it...... Which I will explain they're origins later-.- and they're are more oc's to come!!!!! (You don't think I named it reversed avengers for nothing did you?) XD chow for now!!!!! (Always wanted to say that)
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December 10, 2012
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